The actual process of cleaning air ducts is divided into several stages, and it takes some time to complete all of them. If you know the exact process of cleaning then it’s easy to spot scamming companies (but that is the subject for another article).

We will break down the cleaning process that we perform, and you will be able to see what should happen and when it should occur. This is the only way to clean the HVAC system completely, and you should expect from every company to follow these steps. Failure to follow them will result in an incomplete job, and the air ducts will still be full of contaminants and other particles.

Removal of contaminants

The contaminants found in the air duct system have their sources, and the first step in the cleaning process is to release them. To be more precise, we have to find the origin of the contamination and separate it from the HVAC system. Several different ways of doing this exist, from compressed air to brushes. We tend to use compression as it is the most efficient way to remove the majority of contaminants.

The collection of those contaminants is the next step. This is done with a vacuum (negative pressure). The very first step in HVAC cleaning is placing the system under continuous negative pressure. This has two different uses, both of which are important.

The first use of the negative pressure is containment of tiny contaminants. This field of vacuum prevents even the smallest particles from escaping from the HVAC system and contaminating the building. The second use is the collection of said contaminants. It’s used to extract all the contaminants that are loose in the air ducts. This ensures the removal of all contaminants that were present in the air duct system.

The use of chemicals in air duct cleaning

The majority of the chemicals we use have high antimicrobial properties which mean that they are excellent at neutralization of bacteria. They are also ideal for removal of nasty odor that some bacteria cause.

We avoid the usage of chemicals that will damage the health of the residents of the building. If you neglected the HVAC system, then we will have to use this type of chemicals to completely remove all mildew and bacteria. If that is the case, then you will have to vacate the premise until the chemicals evaporate.