The question from the title is obvious to some, namely those that dealt with us. People who don’t recognize our name will probably need some form of explanation on why we are better than other companies in this line of business.

The best proof of our professionalism should be our workers, people who have a lot of experience in maintenance and cleaning of air ducts. If that isn’t enough of proof, then check other aspects of our company (listed below), and they will ensure you that we are the right choice when it comes to cleaning air ducts.

Research us and you will understand our superiority

The right way to find out whether we are what we say we are is to go online and read about us. You will be surprised when you see that we aren’t an old company with decades of experience in this industry. We do lack the corporate experience, but our employees have enough work experience to cover for that.

You can also contact our support and ask for referrals from previous clients. We will be happy to share them as they are the proof of our professionalism. Check us online as well, search our name and you will find that many people praise us.

One big thing that concerns people is whether their insurance covers the work and whether it will cover any possible damages that may be caused by our workers. Well, there is a high possibility that your insurance doesn’t cover that type of damage. The good thing is that our insurance covers that. So, if our employees destroy something during their work, don’t worry, because our insurance will cover the costs of repair.

Other important aspects of a successful air duct cleaning company

We are a member of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) as any other reputable company in this industry. This membership is important to us as it shows that we are trained to clean and evaluate the HVAC systems. You can also go on NADCA website or contact their support to check our standing with them.

Our employees will use chemical treatments in your air ducts if there is the need to use them. Don’t worry; they will inform you about that, and they will warn you about adverse effects of those chemicals. We avoid using chemicals that may damage the health of people, but in some cases, they are necessary for proper air duct cleaning. In that case, we will inform you to move out of your house until it’s safe to return.