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Who We Are?

   We are the Anne-bert, one of the best air duct cleaning companies in South Carolina. Our road to success was rather short due to the experience our employees brought to the enterprise. People we employ are experienced workers with many years of experience and several courses under their belt.  Experience alone adds to nothing without proper tools (which we will discuss later) and management team that oversees all work.

   Many people wonder about the number of people we employ and some even say that it’s just a waste of resources. Well, we wanted to provide high-quality air duct cleaning services and the best way to do that was to found this company.

   The other reason for joining up was to give people an alternative. We knew that they were tired of scamming “companies” that took their money for cleaning, where in reality they didn’t do anything.

Our Offer

We offer various types of HVAC cleaning, from cleaning small apartment systems to cleaning and maintenance of large commercial air duct systems. We use various tools in this line of work, and thus we offer different service packages to our clients. Do check below what you get when you contact us.

The standard assessment and cleaning is the core service we offer. But you will notice that different packages involve this basic work. The difference between those packages lies in the equipment our employees use. Which package we use depends on two things, the state of the HVAC system and its size. Smaller systems don’t require large truck-mounted engines, and thus we use smaller semi-portable vacuums that can be mounted on a van. We don’t use small portable vacuums due to the lack of any suction power. We don’t use equipment that can’t help us in our work

Some air ducts aren’t safe for manual cleaning and inexperienced people may end up hurting themselves and their co-workers, or even endangering the safety of the people that work in the building. For example, hospital HVAC systems may contain dust that is poisonous to people. In that case, the access to air ducts is forbidden to people. In a case with this type of assignment, we use duct cleaning robots. These small technology wonders are perfect for cleaning possibly hazardous and hardly reachable air ducts. They do require regular maintenance, but that is nothing compared to the job they perform.

Another service we offer is the air duct fogging. This is an entirely new way to clean HVAC systems, and many people don’t understand how it works. This type of cleaning is after regular cleaning when a high amount of mildew and mold create an unpleasant odor. We use a specialized machine that creates thick mists and disperses it through the HVAC system. We turn on the HVAC once the system is filled with the fog. This mist traps the odor that is left after the cleaning and turning on the system ventilates the fog.

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Meet The Team

Our company employs several maintenance technicians. The primary responsibility of these people is the regular maintenance of the air vents. They do have skills to clean and repair the HVAC system, and they will do that if it is necessary. They also go on cleaning assignments if they don’t have any other work.

Senior cleaning technicians are people who have a lot of years of experience in this business. They lead our crews on assignments as they have the highest amount of knowledge about the work. They are also there to teach new employees about the work and to correct the mistakes if there are any.


Service technicians do the same work as other workers, and the major difference is that they work alone during late hours. They are the people who respond to after-hours emergencies. Individuals who work this type of work have a lot of experience, and they usually work part-time, due to the nature of this position.


The primary duty of our manager is to ensure that everything works and that each assignment goes without any problems. They manage everything from the equipment to dealing with clients and monetary transactions. This includes transactions between the customer and our company as well as those between us and other entities.

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